How Do user-generated content and Short Videos Impact on Marketing?

Munch has released a new analysis examining the growing importance of user-generated content and short videos in marketing by 2024. A growing number of firms are using video marketing as a core component of their strategy.

Social media sites and ads are using videos more and more. The study provides insightful information on the development of video marketing and the reasons why it is now an essential component of advertising strategies.

Finding Your Way Around the User-Generated Content and Short Videos

Short Videos’ Rise:

Recent data indicates that audience preferences for short-form videos have changed noticeably. A shaky 85% of participants stated that they preferred films that lasted no more than 15 seconds. This illustrates the growing need for brief and engaging video content.

Short Videos' Rise

Additionally, the average engagement with short-form videos is 2.5 times higher than that of bigger ones. Advertisers are taking notice of the rise in brief video interactions since it’s estimated that the revenue from these ads may top $10 billion.

User-Generated Content and Short Videos:

In today’s market, user-generated content greatly influences what people purchase. Businesses are adapting by reviewing their content plans and utilizing simpler production methods that utilize mobile phones and basic equipment. They are able to provide relatable, genuine material that appeals to customers using this strategy.

Expanding the Audience with Subtitles:

Features like captioning and subtitles, which boost viewer engagement and reach a larger audience, are growing in popularity. Both viewers who prefer silent films and those who have hearing issues can benefit from these accessibility alternatives.

ROI and Adopting a Strategy Focused on Videos:

The potential return on investment (ROI) that video content may generate has marketers particularly thrilled. Many businesses are adopting a video-first approach and adapting their content for multiple platforms in an effort to reach a larger audience.

ROI and Adopting a Strategy Focused on Videos

The necessity of video Businesses are aiming for higher search engine results and an increased online presence, which has made SEO increasingly crucial. Emotional storytelling in videos is widely recognized as a critical element in raising brand awareness and loyalty, both of which directly impact a company’s growth.

User-Generated Content and Short Videos: Challenges

Video marketing has both potential and difficulties. Writing a script and coming up with ideas are two time-consuming initial tasks. The complex operations of filming and editing throughout the production phase necessitate expenditures in hardware and software. Companies also have to work at creating video strategies that work on a variety of distribution channels and within budgets. While video marketing may be very profitable when done right, it also requires a lot of preparation, money, and strategic coherence.

Understanding the Success of Viral Videos:

According to Munch’s observations, effective videos often have a quick speech rate—roughly 150 words per minute. Collaboration between two to three speakers offering a range of perspectives is another common occurrence. According to studies, 40 seconds is the ideal length for the most captivating viral video clips.

Content customization and platform preferences:

Instagram and YouTube continue to dominate as preferred platforms for businesses and content creators, with TikTok showing promise despite its smaller presence. This suggests potential challenges for its adoption as a platform for original small business marketing content. Different industries exhibit preferences for specific content formats, with interviews being popular in media and finance, expert monologues in wellness and finance, and conversational, webinar, and explainer videos finding favor in their respective niches.


The study emphasizes how user-generated content and short videos are becoming more and more important in modern marketing tactics. User-generated content and accessibility features are major trends, and optimized movies offer substantial returns on investment. However, producing movies of high caliber necessitates careful preparation and budget allocation.

Videos that are clear, cooperative, and compliant with industry and platform standards have a higher chance of generating interest and becoming viral. Businesses are recommended to properly examine their video objectives, available resources, and target audiences throughout the creation of their video strategy.


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