Dubai Introduced New Gaming Visa to Attract Gamers From Across the World

Dubai introduced a new gaming visa initiative to recruit professional gamers from across the globe. Long-term visas. Dubai aims to become a global gaming power with this move. 

Dubai introduced a new gaming visa as part of the 2033 Program for Gaming, aiming to boost its gaming industry and attract global talent. With this initiative, Dubai aims to elevate its status as a premier gaming destination, stimulate economic growth, and create thousands of new jobs. Qualified individuals, including content creators, video game players, and entrepreneurs, can obtain long-term residency through the Creative and Talented Accreditation Certificate.

On the other hand, applicants must be 25 or older to be considered for this certificate. In addition, applicants should provide a CV that highlights their gaming experience as well as a copy of their passport.

In order to apply, you will need to provide all of the following documents: 

  • A copy of the passport.
  • Education and training requirements.
  • It is optional to provide evidence of your contribution to the gaming community.
  • Roles in the workplace that are desired.
  • EIDs and residence permits, if they are available.
  • A resume that is relevant.
  • Information that is personally identifiable, such as a place of employment, address, etc.
In order to participate in the program, players must submit their applications via the Dubai Gaming Initiative website. Following the submission of their applications, applicants will get email updates, and if their applications are approved, they will be presented with the Unique and Talented Accreditation Certificate. 

Not only is Dubai inviting gamers, but it is also inviting programmers, developers, entrepreneurs, and leading technology companies as part of the strategy. Through significant investments in this sector, the city intends to realize its goal of reducing the amount of time required to process visas from one month to only five days.


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