Government has Passed New Laws to Control Social Media

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has approved Laws to Control Social Media a modification to the PECA Act, establishing the authority.

The Cabinet’s Legal Reforms Committee proposed both the updated Laws to Control Social Media and the Digital Rights Protection Authority. We solicited feedback on this measure from the Ministry of Information Technology, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, and other relevant parties.

It appears that the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications will create the Digital Rights Authority as a result of these changes. The relevant authorities will furnish the government with guidance pertaining to matters pertaining to digital rights. It will ensure that regulations are followed and that proper internet use is maintained. Making it simpler for social media businesses to work together is something that the authorities are going to do in order to promote a healthy digital environment.

As planned, the Digital Rights Authority will be in charge of online material. It will look into social media violations of the law. People who break the new PECA law will be punished by the Digital Rights Authority. The authority can also call witnesses and the people who violated digital rights. The Digital Rights Authority may also make rules in order to police laws about digital rights.

A bill that calls for the creation of the Digital Rights Protection Authority will be heard by the federal cabinet. The new suggested PECA bill 2024 will be brought to Parliament after getting approval from the Cabinet. After getting approval from Pakistan’s president and government, the body will be set up under the Ministry of IT and Telecom.

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