You must have heard many times that will money fall from the sky! Yes, this time the news that has been given by the scientists, can be proved to be true .from the sky Scientists have discovered a small Aestroid named ’16 saeki ‘, which has so much metal that it would be worth 10,000 quadrillion dollars. All this information is published in the journal Planetary Science. Let us know this special asteroid and its price puzzle.

First of all, know what is this ’16 saeki ‘



You must have guessed what this ’16 saeki’ came to be, in fact it was first noticed by Italian astronomer Annabella de Gasparis on 17 March 1853. He named this asteroid after ‘saeki’, the goddess of the Greek soul. As scientists always do, they added a number next to it. In this way, it got its name ’16 Saeki’. Now we tell you what exactly is an Asteroid? Asteroids mean small bumpy planets. Asteroids are called छुद्रग्रह in Hindi.


Rocking in space, which is much smaller than the planets. There are a lot of asteroids in our solar system. Asteroids also orbit the sun as the rest of the planets revolve around the sun. Most asteroids are beyond Mars. There is an area between Mars and Jupiter, which is filled with asteroids, that place is called an asteroid belt. Scientists named one of the asteroids from this heavy family – ’16 Saeki’. Scientists stared at this ’16 Saeki ‘staring at the sky from the world’s great telescope, Habbal. Investigation revealed that ’16 Saeki ‘is very special.

Then what was the special mission regarding this? After all, what is so special in ’16 Saeki’ Scientists in the investigation found that the entire asteroid named ’16 Saeki’ is made of metal, That too with the metal that is at the core of the earth. In fact, if we keep digging the earth continuously, then we will reach its core, this core is really a burning lava.This lava is made of nickel and iron. Scientists are also excited about the ’16 Saeki’, because they can not dig lava to check the earth’s core. But since ’16 Saeki’ seems to be similar to the core of the earth, in this case, a lot of information about the earth’s core can be found from this asteroid

What’s more special

In addition, the team at Arizona State University will find out how much power scientists have in thinking that it is like the core of a planet. It is not that this is the molten core of the dead old planet. Scientists will also find out about the age and yield of this heavy metal asteroid through closely mixed data.

What’s next about it

Right now the plan is about ‘16 saeki’ so that it can be seen closely and see how much power the scientists are making. NASA is going to do this work in the next two years. For this, the Space X Falcon Heavy Rocket will be launched from Cape Canaveral Airforce Station, Florida.It will reach ’16 saeki’ in 21 months. Meaning if the mission continues at the right time, then in January 2026, 16 saeki will be seen. After reaching the asteroid, photographs will be taken close to it and the spacecraft will also prepare its map.

First this mission was to be started in 2023. But now excited by the new information, it will be started in 2022 itself. Biggest question – what is the matter of $ 10,000 billion

Scientists have speculated that this asteroid is mostly made of iron and nickel. But many other precious metals, such as gold, platinum, cobalt, iridium and rhenium can also be present in it. If the entire metal present on 16 Saeki could be brought to the earth, then its value would be equal to 10 thousand quadrillion dollars.

Quadrillion means 10 to the power of 15. If you say that, 10 to 15 zero. In this way 10 thousand quadrillion is considered 15 zeros ahead of 10 thousand

In such a situation, 10 thousand quadrillion have become 18 zeros or 10 billion to 10 billion.


Let me tell you that even after mixing the GDP of all the countries around the world, it sits around about 8 trillion dollars. That means 13 zero in front of 8. You should understand the arithmetic of such money that it is so much money that if it is distributed among every human being on earth, then all will become billionaires.

Well, you should stop dreaming, because the first thing is that so much metal cannot be brought to the earth. Even if others come, any metal is valuable only until it is found in limited quantities. On getting the whole mountain of gold, the price of gold will also be like soil.

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