Are you addicted to posting excessive selfies on social media daily? If that’s the case, be careful. Putting excessive selfies on social media can make you arrogant. New research has claimed this.

The study published in the Journal The Open Psychology studied the personality of 6 people belonging to age 14 to 37 for four months.

Researchers of Swansea University in the UK and Milan University in Italy also reviewed the social media accounts of the participants.

Swansea University
Swansea University

Researchers say that ego is a characteristic of personality, which includes making grand displays of oneself and exploiting others.

According to a study conducted for four months, those who posted more pictures on social media were found to be 25 percent more egoistic on average.

The special thing is that when the personality of these people was measured by the egoistic personality problem scale,

it was found to be higher than the set standard. Research also revealed that words are posted more on a platform like Twitter, where such a problem is seen less.

However, it was also seen that with the excessive use of social media in these people, the ego can also be increased. As they became more egoistic, the later they started posting more verbal posts. In this study,

It was also seen that almost all people lived on social media for an average of three hours a day. and this study also reveals that many people engaged in social media for 8 hours for this condition it may be a lockdown

This is a serious problem and people have to understand as soon as possible that everything isn’t for upload on social media. social media is for fun or maybe for time pass and on a serious note, you can’t waste your time on this. In my opinion,

if it’s worthy for you to give money then use it if it’s not then don’t use it.

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