The whole world including India is in awe due to the new form of Corona virus in Britain. The central government has banned all flights coming to Britain from Tuesday midnight to 7 January. Before this, passengers coming from Britain will be tested at the airport itself. They will have to stay there till the report comes.

The Indian Civil Aviation Ministry said on Monday that keeping in mind the current situation in Britain, the government has decided to cancel all flights to and from Britain by midnight on 7 January. However, cargo planes are not banned. Passengers will be examined at the airport itself, the passenger will be immediately admitted to the quarantine center or hospital when the report comes positive. On the other hand, even if the report comes negative, the passengers will have to stay quarantined at home for seven days. It will be monitored by the concerned state or district administration. Bhushan Central Health Secretary said that the new form of the virus has been found to be B.1.1.4 in some cluster areas of the UK. It is a rapidly spreading strain. That rapid genetic changes have been observed in protein structure

Travelers will not be able to get rid of outside Britain: DGCA

Aviation regulator DGCA said on Monday that all airline companies must ensure that passengers from the UK never board flights.

With Canada and Germany 41 other countries has also banned

About 43 countries, including France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Turkey Canada, UAE, and Israel, have imposed a temporary ban on air services from Britain, with the Netherlands being the first to stop and all countries withheld until 31 December Have given

Corona’s new look in Britain After the corona virus got a new form, many countries in the continent cut off contact with it, giving Britain the new name ‘sick of Europe‘.

The British government has tightened restrictions on about 1.40 million people in London and surrounding areas. At the same time, the discount given for Christmas has also been withdrawn. Many European countries have started banning the transportation of goods to here. Its biggest loss is to the super market, which has stopped the supply.

Stock market also recorded a sharp decline.

Pound and Stock Exchange fall

The pound fell by two cents against the US dollar. One pound has become $ 1.3279. The exchange FTSC declined by 2.8%. British Airways company IAG stock fell 15% while EG Jet and Vij Air Holding also fell by 11%. Its effect also showed on the world markets and all markets recorded a decline

Is it necessary to be afraid of it?

Panic spread all over the world after the announcement by the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson of a new form of Corona in Britain. Scientists started brainstorming that the vaccine that is already underway will not be affected by the new form.It will not become the cause of strain and serious disease. According to scientists, as the virus reaches the people, it naturally changes. About a year after the virus was first detected in Wuhan, such a strain of corona has been detected. The relief is that the new form is more contagious than the earlier ones but there is no evidence of it being more deadly yet.Professor Patrick Balance, Scientific Advisor to the UK Government, says that this strain is expanding its range by running fast. It is possible that stress is the cause of 60% infection in London by December.

Covid-19: US $ 900 billion relief fund approved

  • Every week the unemployed will get $ 300 and the needy will get $ 600
  • Biden will get the vaccine, Trump made a distance

Newly elected US President Joe Biden will take the first dose of the vaccine during live coverage

Corona situation in India under control

After the meeting of the Joint Monitoring Group on the new form of the virus, Health Minister Dr. Harshavardhan has said that the situation in the country is under control. Adequate steps are being taken as a precautionary measure

Strictness can last up to a month in India …

According to experts, it may take a month for the government to run the vaccination campaign fast in the country. This is the reason why even strict restrictions can persist for so long.

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