iOS 18: Unlocking New AI Features for Your iPhone

Bloomberg reporter German shared some details about Apple’s future iOS 18. The updated version may debut at Worldwide WWDC in a month. In iOS 18, German says the AI features will be better than those on Android phones. These will include AI-powered apps that can do things like transcribe voice memos, make picture editing better, and summarize articles, among other things.

Gurman also said that the next iOS release will have improvements to Siri’s ability to have conversations. Apple plans to enhance Siri’s interactions with “proactive intelligence” features, including voice note transcripts, news story summaries, and notification descriptions, to improve app ideas and automated calendar updates for users.

Apple prioritizes on-device AI processing to enhance performance and customer privacy, despite using cloud services with top-tier Apple silicon chips. Despite using data centers, Apple continues to focus on optimizing on-device processing.

Apple is not planning to incorporate a ChatGPT-style chatbot into its AI features, unlike competitors, and is working internally to enhance its reputation in the AI space.

Most likely, Apple will show off its big AI project at WWDC starting on June 10, along with sneak peeks of its new software. A lot of people are excited about this.

Apple is allegedly working with OpenAI to add its technology to iOS 18. The company is expected to release a statement at the next WWDC to meet customer demand. According to the story, OpenAI is trying to make sure it can handle all the new people that are going to come.

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