How to hide from WhatsApp for a short time without deleting it

Meta owns the popular fast-messaging app WhatsApp. Users can now leave the app for a short time without deleting it.

With the texting app, users now have more power over how they message. This fixes the long-standing issue of not having a log-off button, which lets users get texts at any time and ruin their experience.

This includes the ability to turn off mobile data for WhatsApp, close the app quickly, and stop getting alerts. Users will be able to concentrate all day long as a result of this.

Although it falls under the category of social networking apps, WhatsApp stands out due to its main focus on messaging and the absence of a log-out feature. Thankfully, there is a way to temporarily disable WhatsApp without severing all contact with your contacts. If you need a break from WhatsApp but don’t want to delete it, here are several alternatives:.

How to Turn Off Notifications 

To stop getting alerts, users can go to Settings, select alerts, and flip the green switch next to “Allow Notifications.” Users can instead manage alerts directly by going to Settings, selecting alerts, and turning off all sounds.

Force-Stop WhatsApp

To close WhatsApp for good, users can go to their phone’s settings, select Applications, and then press on Force Stop. Because the app won’t be running in the background, you can make them look like they’re not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Disable Mobile Data

Just go to Settings > Apps > WhatsApp to stop mobile data for that app. From there, pick Data Usage and finally turn off mobile data. This ensures that other applications that rely on the internet won’t be interrupted. Users may further personalize their experience and temporarily quit the app without removing it with the aid of these features.

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