10 highest-paying jobs that don’t require a degree

Not everyone has the time to enroll in a full college program and get a new degree, despite the fact that everyone wants to raise their salary. Fortunately, many of the highest-paying jobs do not require a degree in a specific field or specialization.

See where to focus your professional development efforts by reading on to discover the highest-paying jobs that don’t require a degree.

1. Commercial pilot:

Commercial pilots work for smaller businesses and wealthy entrepreneurs, not major airlines. They don’t need bachelor’s degrees in aviation or aeronautical science and only need a pilot’s license and on-the-job training. Despite the long learning process, getting a pilot’s license typically takes a few years. This fulfilling employment opportunity offers frequent travel and the chance to travel without many home responsibilities. However, it’s not for those with many obligations at home.

The average annual compensation for commercial pilots is $127,846. While a bachelor’s degree is not necessary, it can make you look more professional if you have an associate’s degree.

2. Supply chain manager:

There has never been a greater need for supply chain or logistics managers, and as the sector grows, there are countless opportunities for career advancement.

For example, you can begin as an entry-level supply chain administrator and progress to management by enrolling in professional development courses offered by ASCM, the world’s leading supply chain management organization.

The average potential annual income is $108,141.

3. A police officer:

Police officers often hold bachelor’s degrees in criminal justice or related fields, but they don’t need a college degree to work as a police officer or detective. To become a police officer, one must pass a state’s police academy admission exam, typically requiring a high school diploma.

Police training, which can take six months to a year, is then completed. Your pay will likely start off modest when you first join the police department and may increase as you work more for the agency.

An average police officer’s annual salary is $66,000.

4. Electrician:

Young professionals, particularly electricians, are experiencing challenges in various trades. For those seeking a job without a degree, being an electrician can be a viable option. Typically, one to two years of trade school experience are required before becoming a licensed electrician.

Electricians work in residential and commercial sectors, installing power lines, performing maintenance, and fixing electrical equipment. They enjoy their work due to the constant challenges and high demand for their skills. With the necessary skills, electricians can find work globally, providing greater freedom in their lives.

The median pay for an electrician is $60,000.

5. Firefighter:

Firefighters are paid well in return for sometimes risking their lives for their work. Firefighters must complete about two years of training and maintain outstanding physical health in order to obtain their license.

After finishing the course, people usually experience great job security and can feel proud of how important their work is. They routinely help extinguish fires and rescue individuals from burning buildings.

The average yearly salary for a fireman is $51,000.

6. Software developer:

Employers are drawn to applicants offering attractive pay to fill in-demand professions in software development, given the field’s tremendous earning potential and the rapid advancement of technology.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science wouldn’t hurt, but there are other ways to get into software development that pay well: you can go to boot camps, learn popular programming languages, get certified annually, and keep up with industry updates and trends while building a portfolio of your own work. Since technology is advancing quickly, we must also adapt to it.

Potential annual income of $106,098 on average.

7. Plumber:

Plumbing jobs, like electrician jobs, offer high pay without a bachelor’s degree. Most candidates can obtain a license from trade schools or private organizations with just two years of experience and on-the-job training. Technical schools offer low student loan rates. Plumbers maintain plumbing systems, repair faults, and install fixtures, providing vital services to homes and businesses. They offer excellent job security despite technological advancements.

Once you have sufficient training and expertise in this area, you might be able to launch your own plumbing company if you want to focus more on the business aspect of things.

Plumbers typically make about $60,000 a year in compensation.

8. Real estate agent:

Depending on the market and their unique marketing and communication abilities, real estate brokers can command enormous incomes. Realtors or real estate companies frequently employ real estate agents. They get their licenses so they may advertise and close deals on properties for potential purchasers.

Real estate brokers with the highest-paying jobs without a degree need to be adept at haggling and negotiating since they are responsible for working hard to find amazing deals. It’s amazing to note that the highest-paid real estate brokers often make well over six figures. Real estate brokers work closely with contractors and other professionals in this area, such as salesmen.

The average yearly salary for a real estate agent is $49,000.

9. Flight attendant:

Flight attendants clean the aircraft cabins, serve food and beverages, and check on passengers in between flights. The big airlines are in charge of most passenger services. A perk of this job is that flight attendants often obtain extra company-related advantages in addition to basically getting free flights and not requiring a degree.

Flight attendants work a lot of overtime since they are always away from home and have to go to and from airports. Despite this, they usually have excellent pay given that they just require a high school degree. There is a great need for practical work, much of which does not require a degree.

A flight attendant makes $61,000 on average.

10. Executive Assistant:

Executive assistants are skilled individuals who assist businesspeople, senior executives, and other professionals. A CEO might, for example, use an executive assistant to:

  • Call meetings.
  • Speak with more executives
  • Respect the CEO’s timetable.
  • Answer questions about scheduling appointments.
  • Establish the CEO’s timetable.

This entry-level job offers a decent career advancement opportunity with a fair starting annual income. Executive assistants are skilled time managers, communicators, and organizers, making them a valuable personal helper. There is room for progression with a degree program or formal education.

A four-year degree is not required for many executive assistants, who make good salaries of about $40,000.

There are many wonderful opportunities:

In the end, if you want to raise your highest-paying jobs without a degree, any of these jobs may be great choices. Make sure you carry out further study and ascertain the requirements for each job before applying for open positions.








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