How to Earn Money With SEO: Complete SEO Guide for Beginners

Since there is a constant rush of material in the fast-paced digital world we live in, it is harder than ever to get and keep someone’s attention. As a result, attention is now worth more money. If you are an expert in SEO and know how to drive traffic from Google (and other search engines), there are many different ways you may earn money with SEO.

Although the majority of people are aware that you may offer SEO services, this isn’t your only online income choice. We shall examine numerous ways to monetize SEO in this article. We’ll look at each monetization method’s benefits and drawbacks.

How do I Earn money with SEO?

1. Use SEO to monetize freelance consulting

Many businesses are keen to employ SEO specialists to help them rank for the keywords that their target audience uses. All sorts of businesses, whether they sell flowers locally or are in the IT industry and provide data management software, benefit greatly from ranking for phrases that potential customers search for on Google (such as “best flower delivery in Pakistan” or “best data management solutions”).

Earn Money With SEO
Use SEO to monetize freelance consulting

You have two choices: either establish a company and hire personnel to implement your SEO plan, or work alone as an SEO consultant or freelancer. You might provide services such as:

  • Technical SEO Improvement
  • Link creation
  • Audits for SEO
  • Content marketing

Pick one service to begin with if you’re just beginning your SEO profession, and as your confidence increases, add others. It’s a good idea to specialize in a certain field (SaaS, small companies, e-commerce, etc.), as firms usually pay more for an expert. Since the top search engine results for YouTube, Amazon, and podcasts are all very helpful, you may also employ SEO for these platforms.

  • Easy access to capital and cheap beginning expenses.
  • Earn money with SEO high profit margin.
  • Learn from other people’s websites.
  • Customers are always free to leave (because SEO takes time to show results).
  • Not everyone finds client management to be pleasurable.
  • Limited scalability since agencies must hire additional personnel to expand, in contrast to lone consultants who only need to increase their rates.

2. Productized SEO For Sale

If you want to work with clients but don’t like the idea of long-term commitments, you may package your SEO services. For instance, providing an SEO strategy package can include a technical assessment, keyword research, content marketing strategies, and link-building strategies. The customer then receives this knowledge, and it is up to them to put it into action.

Earn Money With SEO
Productized SEO For Sale

In contrast to SEO services, these engagements may take you a week or two to complete before you part ways with the customer.

  • Offering services is more important than managing clients.
  • Instantaneous cash flow and no starting expenditures.
  • You are not to blame for any drops in rankings or other problems with the website.
  • Profit margins of 100% are common.
  • Since you don’t have consistent revenue, you must always be selling.
  • Due to their higher budgets, many larger firms only want to employ employees who can execute for them.

3. Make a website for affiliates

If you have a website with visitors, you may collaborate with other businesses to promote their goods and services to your audience. These businesses provide you with a link, and anytime a website visitor clicks on it and makes a purchase, you get compensated.

Earn Money With SEO
Make a website for affiliates

Offering goods and services to your audience through affiliate marketing is an easy way for you to make money without having to worry about customer service or fulfilment. It resembles influencer marketing in some ways, with the exception that all of your money comes from commissions and you don’t need to have a personal brand to run the website.

  • Without having to engage with any of the clients, you may earn passive income.
  • An affiliate website may grow and evolve into a powerful brand perpetually.
  • If you own a solo business, you are not necessarily required to recruit employees.
  • Due to the length of time it might take to build an engaged audience, you might not see an immediate money flow.
  • If Google’s algorithm changes at any point, your earnings might alter drastically.
  • As AI content overtakes human-generated material and EEAT acquires relevance, Google is cracking down more on affiliate websites.

4. Sponsored content is available

Many branded and personal bloggers monetize their audiences by enabling other businesses to create and publish sponsored content on their blogs.

Earn Money With SEO
Sponsored content is available

Many firms will also be keen to pay for guest pieces if you allow them to include a link to their website because backlinks are crucial for increasing domain authority.

  • The management of clients for you is not tough.
  • You may scale your revenue and increase your fees as your website gets bigger.
  • There is not much work involved in publishing sponsored content.
  • There isn’t a consistent stream of cash; therefore, you have to continually look for new sponsors.
  • Individual blogs written out of passion are seeing a decline in traffic as people increasingly turn to social media for information.
  • To retain audience trust, which can limit scale, maintain a balanced mix of informative and paid material (typically 4:1).

5. Pages to rank and rent

Businesses will commonly just pay you to rent a website that ranks for a keyword they want to rank for in order to create leads since, although some business owners invest in SEO services to enhance their websites, others just need leads right now.

Earn Money With SEO
Pages to rank and rent

For instance, if your website is now ranked top for “best dentist in Pakistan,” a dentist in Pakistan may pay to boost its ranking.

  • High profit margins.
  • Little customer management is done.
  • The SEO strategy is completely under your control.
  • You’ll lose clients if your website doesn’t perform well in search results.
  • To rank websites, a significant initial investment is required.
  • At any time, customers are free to leave.

6. Develop and Sell Websites:

Because SEO is a time-consuming process and it may take years for a website to rank for the targeted keywords, many businesses opt to purchase pre-existing websites that already have solid content, backlinks, and traffic.

Many of these buyers will either create and sell their own items on these websites or redirect your website to one of their already-existing websites in an effort to increase your website’s exposure and authority. The secret to growing and flipping a website is to have a solid foundation that has the ability for future expansion and income. Following these rules will help you make sure that your website can be flipped:

  • Make use of a brand-related domain name.
  • Pick a market segment with opportunities to expand.
  • Use mostly white-hat growth strategies in order to show steady development.
  • It’s one of the more profitable SEO strategies and may result in returns on investment of 20–30 times net revenue gains.
  • There is no requirement for customer management.
  • It can provide passive income while you are growing it, and when you sell it, you will get a lot of money.
  • A large upfront cost is required to attract the initial wave of website visitors.
  • The acquisition process can be time-consuming, demanding, and challenging.
  • Your website won’t necessarily sell, though.

7. Get a Job as an SEO Expert

Most well-known companies use full-time SEO specialists to help their brands rank for crucial keywords. Additionally, the introduction of AI is probably going to change the SEO landscape, making people who are familiar with using AI to automate various SEO procedures increasingly sought-after by organizations.

Earn Money With SEO
Get a Job as an SEO Expert

Additionally, there are several on-site and remote jobs at various companies that enable you to operate as an SEO professional while making a reliable salary and travelling the globe.

  • You are paid a median wage that is unrelated to Google’s algorithm.
  • After studying SEO on someone else’s dime, you may create additional revenue streams by creating your own websites.
  • By accepting invitations to speak at conferences and other events organized by other organizations, you can improve your own personal brand in SEO.
  • You don’t have as much flexibility as people who use other SEO monetization strategies because you are still working for someone else.
  • Your possibilities for experimenting are restricted since you must respect the company’s other goals.
  • It has a moderate potential for income.


The best way to improve SEO is through practice. Start by creating your own WordPress website and writing content to rank for different keywords. While you may not earn money immediately, it’s the easiest way to enhance your SEO skills and eventually earn money with SEO.

As you gain experience in the industry, you’ll have more opportunities to earn money with SEO, including commission-based affiliate sites and selling customers’ services..



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